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August 28th, 2015

Name That Brand.

By Brokaw Copywriter and Hip Hop Dancer, Aaron McBride Remember the game show Name That Tune? It’s like a game you’d play on a long car ride, but not fun, and on TV… Well, the reason that show existed is because names are tough to remember and melodies make you feel something. And you remember 100% of what you feel. The Read More…

November 7th, 2014

Great content trumps fast content.

To connect with consumers in today’s digital age, there are two very serious questions we need to ask ourselves: 1.)  Why should anyone give a crap? Let’s set aside “big data,” “big ideas,” and all those other big marketing buzzwords for a moment, and simply ask ourselves: “Is this message, err, “content” really relevant?” Or better yet… “Would I share Read More…

September 29th, 2014

Introducing the Brand Buddy System

Lewis and Clark. Orville and Wilbur. Hall and Oates. Three examples of how forming a partnership can lead to big things – from exploring everything west of the Mississippi River to writing the song “Maneater.” And like the success it brought to those dynamic duos, partnering up can do wonders for brands as well. For example, this week, McDonald’s Monopoly Read More…

July 19th, 2013

Say “buh-bye” to “BUY NOW!!!”

To truly engage your audience today, you can’t tell them what to think or what to do. You have to show them. And make them feel it. Imagine Nike doing pop-up ads, eBlasts, and live announcer reads shouting, “Buy our high-performance shoes NOW!!” Instead, what Nike has done for the past 35 years is emotionally connect to athletes and wannabes Read More…