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February 6th, 2015

Listen to your smallest fans.

A couple of years ago, we had the honor to hear Peter Vesterbacka speak at SXSW. Peter is the creator of Angry Birds—you know, the little-known app that is arguably the most successful mobile app the world has ever seen. Vesterbacka attributes a lot of the game’s popularity to the fact that they constantly listen to their fans. Which includes Read More…

August 29th, 2014

A book review? Aw nuts, I hate reading.

Don’t worry, I’m gonna sum it up for you. And maybe even toss in a couple swears along the way. This book is the <<CENSORED>>. (See? Already at one.) The Idea Writers explores the major changes advertising has faced over the past few decades. You know what I’m talking about here: consumer control, transparency, social media, and/or whatever the latest <<CENSORED>> your Read More…

June 9th, 2011

Stop being so rational.

Why, after a long, four-day workweek, do you feel the need to go home and have a pizza, or a 9.1% Lake Erie Monster (yowzers!), or perhaps a triple scoop of Edy’s Double Fudge Brownie Ice Cream? Why? Because you have a weak prefrontal cortex, and you know it. Or at least author Jonah Lehrer knows it. After all, in a Wall Street Journal article, Read More…

February 5th, 2011

Super Bowl Predictions

According to Ad Age: Almost two-thirds of Super Bowl viewers age 18-34 will be using a smartphone, while watching the game this Sunday. 59% will be sending emails or texts about the game. 18% will be checking out ads online from their phones. 18% will visit advertiser websites—including this infamous one. 32% will be posting comments about the game or the Read More…