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February 25th, 2011

Alex, I’ll take “humans are obsolete” for $400.

By Brokaw’s Trish DiFranco and Megan Milanich Watson, my dear, is anything but elementary. This week, the Jeopardy robo-star brought CBS the highest single-day Nielsen ratings since 2007—with a whopping 8.7 HH on Monday, and a 9.5 HH on Tuesday. The IBM/CBS collaboration was a brilliant move on both parts, and one that took two years to complete. The A.I. Read More…

October 21st, 2010

Blame the message. Not the messenger.

If your campaign doesn’t deliver the kind of results you were hoping for, perhaps you shouldn’t point the finger at your media strategist (especially if you want free tickets to that concert). After all, according to a recent article in Ad Age, creative is more likely the culprit, since it has a far bigger impact on sales and effectiveness than Read More…