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March 29th, 2013

The benefits of navel-gazing.

In this day and age of instantaneous, reactionary, and usually harsh feedback (see: all of the Internet), it’s nice to get some honest and thoughtful feedback on what you do. Which is why we’re so grateful to everyone who participated in last week’s “Do you even like this newsletter? Survey.” The general consensus: You like us! You occasionally, kind of Read More…

June 1st, 2012

What can poetry teach us about advertising?

Advertising and Poetry: Kissing Cousins, thrice removed. By Brokaw Senior Copywriter Mark McKenzie Every day, National Public Radio invites Garrison Keillor (host of A Prairie Home Companion and goodwill ambassador of Lake Wobegon) onto the airwaves to read five minutes of poetry. And let’s be honest: in our tricked-out, fast-paced, digi-world, people aren’t exactly clamoring to hear more of the Read More…

May 25th, 2012

Less is the new more.

We believe an idea is strengthened by everything that is REMOVED from its message, not ADDED to it. Which might explain why we’d get a nervous twitch if you asked us to convey your brand’s five points of difference in a 300×250 banner ad . . . and then make it viral! (Eww boy.) Imagine Volvo saying: “Come drive our Read More…

September 15th, 2010

Are you really surprised?

So, why did last week’s newsletter only have two words in it? And why does our website have a self-guided audio tour with Dave Matthews, the future, and your mom? And why does this video have over 800,000 views? Because people like surprises. Think about it. Every day, you wake up at the same time, go through the same morning routine, Read More…

August 11th, 2010

Not your typical blah blah.

Blah Blah Brand Truth #21: Telling consumers “we’re not your typical company” makes you sound like your typical company. Google the words “not your typical bank” and what pops up? A slew of your typical banks drowning in a sea of your typical marketing strategies that set off your typical consumers’ B.S. radar. So, how do you rise above it? Read More…