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July 25th, 2014

Become a BBFF

In the wake of Weird Al Yankovic’s recent #1 album of parody songs, I thought I’d put together a few spoofs of my own: Thank You For Being a Brand You’ve Got a Brand in Me The Wind Beneath My Brand Wings As you can see, I (hilariously) inserted the word “brand” into songs about friendship. (Weird Al Who-ovic?) Because Read More…

July 3rd, 2014

Happy Independence Day from Briefs?

Sorry, folks, we’re not talking about exciting patriotic boxer briefs. We’re talking creative marketing briefs (sigh). Apparently, one of the most talked about pieces at the Cannes Lions advertising festival last week wasn’t the brilliant Old Spice Mom Song or Chipotle’s Scarecrow. Instead, it was a slide presented by Beats by Dre VP of marketing Omar Johnson declaring “F*** BRIEFS.” Read More…

June 23rd, 2014

Wearing your Brand on your Sleeve

While many brands are still trying to master the basics of #hashtags, some of the more innovative are already looking toward the next frontier of advertising: brain implants. Psych—it’s wearable tech! You know, technology you wear on your body that synchs with various online systems. Tell ’em, Mashable. From Fitbit to Google Glass to those Captain Kirk beam-me-up watches already Read More…

June 13th, 2014

How to choose an agency.

How to choose an agency. (Or “Why you shouldn’t always take your talents to South Beach.”) Okay, we admit, we love selling out-of-town prospects on the value of working with a small, nimble, underdog agency headquartered in a charming underdog city. (Never mind Channing Crowder’s recent comments, it really is paradise here, folks.) But we’re not selling you this Friday, Read More…

June 9th, 2014

Call in, Johnny Brand Equity!

How do you measure the strength of a brand? In dollars and cents? In rising stock prices? In number of employees and global factories? How about in trainwrecks survived…with barely a scratch? That’s the power of positive brand equity. (Positive brand who?!) You know, the tangible and intangible value a brand possesses, according to consumer perceptions. Positive brand equity can Read More…

May 9th, 2014

Word to your Mother

The votes are in…your Mom is the #1 World’s Greatest Mom! And we (along with the rest of the world) would like to talk with her. The fact is, in the advertising world, we’re asked to target Moms often. Why? Because they’re the number one influencers in the economy. Which also means there are a whole lot of marketers targeting Mom—especially (redundancy Read More…

May 2nd, 2014

Three Steps to Marketing in a Pre-Post TV World

This week marked the kickoff of the 3rd annual digital New-Fronts—a play on television’s venerable upfronts, but for digital programming. And while many are touting a “post TV world,” we’re actually in more of a pre-post TV world. What the huh is a pre-post TV world? It means that right now, most people watch what they want, when they want Read More…

April 25th, 2014

The Creative Time Machine.

“It’s gonna take time. A whole lot of precious time. It’s gonna take patience and time. Umm. To do it, to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it right, child.”– The Beatle who was actually good at guitar George H. hit it right on the nose. Doing things right takes time. And in Read More…

April 21st, 2014

The Future of Advertising: The Past?

Good news, everyone! We made it! It’s officially the future! We have Minority Report’s touch screens. Total Recall’s invasive x-ray scanners. And Demolition Man’s Wesley Snipes. Or as I call him, Prisoner 57. (Zing! Where my nerds at?!) And as predicted by countless sci-fi movies and literature–advertising is everywhere. (Well played, Wall-E.) With new content-housing devices like smartphones, tablets, Google Read More…

April 18th, 2014

Who approved this blog post?

Approving your company’s new brand campaign, blog post, website redesign, tagline, or brand identity is a lot like approving a name for your child (that someone else came up with). We will rarely love the name they came up with. (Kal-El?!) The best we can do is agree upon the thinking and strategy behind the name. Because the natural next Read More…