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May 31st, 2013

Summertising 101

“Summer, summer, summertime. Time to sit back and unwind.”–The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air You nailed it again, The Fresh Prince—it’s summer. And as the levels of relative humidity change, so do people’s habits. For example: people are actually going outside now. And talking to each other. Sometimes even face-to-face. Side note: they’re also finally realizing what they look like under Read More…

November 18th, 2011

What hue are you?

By Brokaw copywriter, Erin Pollock (a.k.a. “Tiny”) Someday I wouldn’t mind a pair of those gorgeous shoes with red soles. And I certainly wouldn’t mind a little gift in a pretty robin’s egg blue box. (Adam Pollock, darling husband of mine, are you reading this? Ahem.) Anyway, you probably know of which goods I speak. And you know what? Those Read More…