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November 25th, 2015

Are You Millennial-ized?

Ahhh, Thanksgiving Eve. Time to relax—or not. Yeah, probably not. Because there’s one more demo you may still need to invite to your Black Friday shopping feast: We’re talking millennials (noun. see #millennials.) Ok, they may not be your primary target audience. Or even your third-string. (Manziel-string?) But according to a recent article in AdAge, millennials #love #Thanksgiving #weekend.  So Read More…

November 27th, 2013

Happy Thanks-getting?

Excuse the mid-week blog post, but we’re off tomorrow for turkey day, folks. After all, it’s a national holiday, right? Well, not for thousands of retail employees across the country who are being forced to work tomorrow, as Black Friday is creeping its greedy head up to our family Thanksgiving dinner table. But before we all start boycotting Target and Read More…

November 30th, 2012

Someone’s got a case of the Cyber Mondays.

“Black Friday, when Americans come together to bow before their Lord—the Wal-Mart Rollback guy.” – Stephen Colbert, The Colbert ReportIf you’re like millions of Americans, you skipped the retail running-of-the-bulls and shopped on Cyber Monday from the comfort of your own adult footie pajamas. According to the Wall Street Journal, sales from Cyber Monday were up 30% from 2011 – Read More…