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March 28th, 2014

Oh, big data – you’re hilarious!

Looks like science has finally caught up with what we’ve been saying for years: humor works. (Thanks, eggheads!) According to Ad Age’s Jack Neff this week, a team of scientists at AT&T just wrapped up a three-year study of 370 painstakingly coded ads (sounds hilarious) to determine what type of humor helps make advertising break through. Turns out laughs are Read More…

July 26th, 2013

Here Come the Have Nots.

Rudy. The Miracle on Ice. Rudolph, Hermey, and the Island of Misfit Toys. Cinderella. Avis. Underdogs capture our hearts and give us hope. They make us believe the impossible is possible. They show us what it takes to win—like Phil Mickelson at the British Open this past Sunday when everybody said he would never conquer a links-style course. Underdogs make Read More…