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January 25th, 2013

Stop selling. Start edu-tain-elling.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve had quite a few clients along the way ask us, “Why can’t we lose all the entertaining, witty stuff and just get right to the sell?”

We try to remind these clients in the most tactful, eloquent way possible (without getting fired) that people aren’t watching TV to see your commercial. Or perusing Facebook to learn more about your revolutionary new six-blade razor. Or checking their email every five minutes to see if your company newsletter has arrived—“Honey, come quick! Brokaw’s O-News is here!!!” said no one, ever. : (

Truth is, you aren’t entitled to your audience’s attention. You have to earn it. (Like the Cavs earned ours Tuesday night.) To visit advertising legend Luke Sullivan’s brilliant door-to-door analogy, clients who want to lose all the charm and wit are basically saying: “Forget the introducing ourselves at the door. Forget that doorbell crap, too. In fact, let’s just jimmy the lock with a brochure and barge into their kitchen with a fistful of facts. We’ll make ’em listen.” You can’t. You’re not welcome until they like you. Ring the doorbell and straighten your tie.


It’s not what you say. . .
“Buy this great, local Cleveland beer. Brewed fresh since 1988!”

It’s how you say it . . .