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November 7th, 2011

Real Original

By Brokaw copywriter, Trish DiFranco

Original ideas are like unicorns. Hard to come by and easy to spot a fake. It happened again. Another big agency stole a big idea from a not-so-big establishment to make big bucks. Chevrolet recently came out with this ad to celebrate their centennial. Which is strikingly similar to this blog, Dear Photograph—a Tumblr that collects nostalgic photos that have been placed against the same scenery current day. Coupled with a background story, it makes for daily heart-snuggling, throat-clumping moments, and consequently, a lot of followers. Which is probably why some ad execs decided it would be a good idea to plagiarize it.

Of course, that turned out to be not such a good idea. Since the spot hit, Internet users have been killing their keyboards, scrutinizing the age-old car brand. Not only was Chevy called out by the media, but also by the consumers:

So stop stealing ideas, people! In the end, “the truth will out.” And soon, you’ll be working twice as hard to retro-activate your good name. Plus, you know how people feel about posers. (Girl, you know it’s true.)