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June 25th, 2011

Q.R. Madness!

By Brokaw digital media strategist, Katie Riley

Yes, we know. Q.R. code campaigns are sooooo last year. But put a Q.R. code on TV—as performed by C.N.N.this past Monday and parodied by The Daily Show on Tuesday—and suddenly, you’ve got yourself a hot, new marketing sensation all over again, Ms. Trendy McMarketer. But just because it’s all the rage right now, doesn’t necessarily make it right. (Remember those Aqua Net days? Super wrong.)

Truth is, using Q.R. codes in any medium makes a lot of sense—that is, if you’re trying to target iPhone and Android users (less than 15% of BlackBerry, Windows, and Palm users have ever used a barcode scanning app). Or if you’re trying to target women (64% of Q.R. code users), who are under the age of 45 (90% of Q.R. code users), and who happen to own several cats (87% of Q.R. code users—okay, so eMarketer really didn’t have that stat, but it sounded true). Now that you know the facts, let’s have some fun.

Q.R. Randomness!

The bad news is . . . we will not be sponsoring the Grizzly Bear Exhibit at the zoo this year. The good news is . . we will be sponsoring Monkey Island instead (it just felt more like our brand).

But even better, we will have random Q.R. codes on our sign throughout the year that zoo visitors can scan. You know, just in case the monkeys are sleeping, or maybe just having an “off day.” It could be the perfect time to scan an action-packed gem like this: