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December 3rd, 2011

“Own” News

By Brokaw Digital Strategist, Katie Riley and writer, Trish DiFranco

Advertising nerds were busy this week discussing the viral video created by Global Interactive Agency, SapientNitro. Met with overwhelming negative responses on their Facebook page, the idea engineers promptly pulled the video, deleted every comment related to it, and later, apologetically blogged about it.


You can’t start the party, then sneak out the back door!

Now, three days later, and reposted by another YouTube user, the video has more than 90,000 views and over 400 comments.

What’s the lesson here? When everybody laughs at you, laugh with them. Don’t apologize. If you put it out there, own it. You’ve already got the engagement, now spin it in your favor. Like this guy (a.k.a. Scumbag Steve), who is nailing life after unwanted Internet-meme fame when someone posted one of his Myspace photos to an Internet forum.

“I’ve gotten thousands and thousands of emails. Mostly all good. A lot of people asking for a podcast with me, magazine articles, interviews, radio shows. Sending me free beats, people wanting to collaborate. I’m going to put up a website and link to some stuff in the near future. It’s kinda funny I’ve had over 30,000 hits on 1 song in 4 days and have gotten emails askin’ the same question, “where can I buy this song?”

-Scumbag Steve