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March 29th, 2013

Oh no, not another survey

Last week, we asked you to rate our weekly newsletter on a scale of “best newsletter on the Internet tubes” to “I wish Brokaw was banned from the World Wide Web.”

We asked you how often you’d like to get our newsletter. Once a week? Once a month? Or never o’clock?

And we asked what you’d like to see more of.

The results . . . (cue the overly dramatic American Idol music) . . .

Additional Comments:
  • Its the bomb dot com.
  • Keep it up, always a fun read. Congratulations.
  • Love your newsletter – its often the second best part of my Friday (the best part being, of course, that its Friday!)
  • I love you just the way you are. (Oh, geez; I hope I don’t owe Billy Joel royalties on that.)
  • I look forward to your email weekly! I can’t say that about many of the 1000’s of emails I get! Thanks!
  • Some of question #3 did not display. However, I really like your newsletter and often refer to it as something I enjoy getting in my in box every week. Keep it up! Oh, sorry about LeBron. -Laura from Miami Beach
  • I like when different people with different perspectives from the agency write the o news. But after being “on the inside” I know it’s not always easy to get this out every week. So maybe try cutting back a little from every week to something else, and see what happens. I think all the o news newsletters have been awesome .
  • I love the how witty your newsletter is. Keep up the work.
  • I work for a marketing communications agency and I point to your newsletter as best practice all the time (except to our clients…sorry). A couple of us here have shared your Facebook posts as well (one the other day got a LMFAO from a friend ). If you’re having self-doubts, don’t worry…they’ll pass.
  • give me three good reasons NOT to come to cleveland with my dad to see the Bears game….
  • Once a week is great. Once every other week would still keep me hooked.
  • Keep up the great work ;-)
  • I wish you’d spend more time working on the RTA account . . . Steve Bitto Executive Director = Marketing and Communications Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
  • Love it … I get a chuckle each week and pass it along quite frequently! And sometimes I even learn something! :) Thanks – keep it coming!
  • Love the combo of pop-culture and ad insights. It’s like Mad Men meets MTV, but back in the old days, when they had videos and stuff and not Snooki and teens who are preggers and all that jazz and Mad Men without the suits. Everything else is pretty accurate. Keep up the good work.
  • you should conduct a training seminar to help other newsletter authors improve their propaganda-heavy info pushes into more entertaining/enlightening efforts
  • Noble effort. Hard to keep it up (a-hem) that is: the quality, the value and the frequency. Sure, some are better than others but your heart is in the right place. HOWEVER….it is generally too transparent and too self-promoting. Yeah , yeah….that’s the whole reason for doing it but do you have to be so see-Spot -Run. Let people conclude you’re smart and spry…stop tooting your own horn so blatantly.
  • I think it gives insight to brand- why people would want to work with/for you. I look forward to it ….and actually read it….when it appears in my mailbox
  • I just started receiving (and reading) Brokaw’s newsletter and enjoy them. Thanks !
  • Just one cow gives off enough harmful methane gas in a single day to fill around 400 liter bottles.
  • Definitely more beer giveaways. Is that even a question? Pfft.
  • I enjoy reading the newsletters and often find the content is related to something I was just working on or end up working on in the near future. Keep them coming !
  • Love it! It is one of the few I actually read–it’s light, informative and funny . Catches my attention and I typically know someone who would get a laugh out of it, so I forward. Ahhh, legs to a newsletter! Now, if only I could work for you (or food–heck, even dog food — and I don’t even own a dog, I have a cat). Resume gladly sent upon request (go ahead, ask. I have 20 yrs in PR/marketing PLUS an MBA and a BA in advertising….and a portfolio!)
  • I have a product, a patent and a trademark, but I am in limbo about how to move forward in getting a mass of people to contribute to moving my product forward in the most effective manner. Brokaw please give me something resultant from our relationship !
  • keep up the good work guys! thanks
  • Think less frequent issues would give you more time to provide valuable insight/ analysis/ thought leadership rather than joining up links to other folks’ thinking