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July 1st, 2011

Move over, YouTwitFace.

By Brokaw copywriter Patricia DiFranco

We know what you’re thinking. Between checking your YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and RSS feed: I could really use another site to detach myself from reality even further.

One of our favorite @bestat tweets from this week sums it up well:

I’d get a lot more sleep if I didn’t insist on reading the entire Internet every night.

And yet, the digital world’s all a’buzz this week for Google +. The new social network, currently rolling out invite by invite, is expected to give Zuckerberg a run for his jiggabillions. Unlike Facebook, where you only get one set of friends, Google + allows you to create several intimate “circles” of friends—Book Club, the In-laws, Canning Enthusiasts, etc. So you can choose with whom you want to share what. Not to mention, the new “hang-out” feature which lets you video conference with others on the site, ala The Brady Bunch opening titles.

Google + is pushing forward on the heels that dividing and conquering our shared interests will allow us to build stronger relationships—on and offline. So next time you want to share that devastatingly charming American Apparel spot, choose your Ad Junkies circle and prepare to engage with your friends harder than you ever have behind a keyboard.

Speaking of keyboards…we’re totes digging this fresh cut from Tom’s Shoes. (Congrats, you’re officially in our Hipspeak circle.)