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January 20th, 2014

Is your brand the next Cleveland?

So far, Cleveland has been named the next Silicon Valley, the next Brooklyn, and most recently, the next Mars? Yes, people love to coin Cleveland as the next _________. (Tweet your submission to @brokawinc) But what if Cleveland was the next…Cleveland?

“I’ve always dreamed of growing up to be Amy Poehler.” – Amy Poehler

In advertising, a smart brand position doesn’t go for the seat that’s already taken. (We all remember what happened to the Zune – R.I.P. mp3.) A smart brand position creates its own category. Because when you take ownership of your brand, you build a new ladder in the mind of the consumer – one where you can take the top rung.

Cleveland is its own unique and attractive category. And with our special C-town swagger, we’ve won the 2014 Gay Games, we’ve attracted the attention of the nerduosos in techno-town, and we continue to garner outside media attention. So what makes us rule so hard?

  • Life is blissfully affordable.
  • We have great wildlife and even wilder nightlife.
  • Our friendly folk: Cleveland’s blue-collar roots don’t just make for great body ink. We value family and community, and it shows with the growth of neighborhoods like Tremont, Ohio City, and the Gordon Square Arts District.
  • H2O, bro: Greggor Mattson, Professor of Urban Sociology at Oberlin College, mentioned at this week’s Hot Dog University that Cleveland is the “best location in the nation” for our proximity to the Great Lakes which hold nearly one-fifth of the freshwater on the Earth’s surface

If 2014 is really our year, we welcome it with open arm tats. But we’d rather create our own identity, so that one day, they’ll call Zanesville the next Cleveland. (And all the Zanys will party in the streets!)

So whatever your brand, take a strong stand! (Just watch out #officelebroning.)