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April 4th, 2013

Increase your open rate. (And ours.)

Everything that is good in life happens during late night:

  1. Cats are wide awake, ready to play
  2. Your brain finally remembers everything you forgot to do during the day
  3. The best commercials are on
  4. Fourth meal
  5. You can finally click on some of those marketing emails that have been piling up

We know that last one doesn’t quite fit in, but it’s true! Seriously, we have stats!

According to an article eMarketer released this week, if you want better email revenue, send your message late at night. So this week, we are capitalizing on this trend!

Although stats across the board are supporting this claim, data is also showing high open rates on off days like Saturday and Sunday.

Our theory here at Brokaw: the reason open rates are so high during this down time, is because it is down time where consumers are not being bombarded with their daily coupons and LivingSocial deals. Chances are, the more brands that hop on this trend, the less impactful this time slot is going to be.

On the plus side, forward this email to your co-workers tonight. It will provide some great marketing stats (with a chart!), and it will show everyone at the office how late you are checking your work email (you go-getter)!