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February 3rd, 2012

I’ll have the McFail with a side of hot mess.

By Brokaw Writer, Trish DiFranco

Last week, McDonald’s launched a social media campaign that raked in mostly headaches for the billion-dollar burger joint. The campaign, meant to showcase their farm fresh quality, voraciously spiraled into a haterade campaign once in the hands of the Twitterverse. Using the hashtag #mcdstories, McDonald’s kicked it off with this tweet:

To their chagrin, #mcdstories didn’t inspire much gold for the golden arches. Instead, tweets like the following came hurling back like hockey pucks:

It reminded us all of the disastrous #heresthebeef campaign from Wendy’s—which came dangerously close to Chat Roulette territory. (We’ll spare you the link.) PETA brought the smackdown, too. Tweeting nauseating facts and gag-alicious photos at the fast food behemoth. The lesson here? Careful what you hashtag. Keep it simple, non-branded, fun to work with, and flexible in other contexts. Who doesn’t want to use #whyimsofly?

And don’t MESS with PETA. Us Millennials love our animals.