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August 17th, 2012

Global Buzz on a “Shoestring”

At Brokaw, we believe it’s better to outwit the competition rather than outspend them. Which is why we’re honored to give Nike gold (actually, more like “highlighter yellow”) for their brilliant marketing effort this past Summer Olympics.

Instead of spending millions becoming an official Olympic sponsor like Adidas did, Nike simply gave their athletes high-performance sneaks that were the color of Predator’s blood (Seriously, how many fireflies died to make those shoes?) Throw in some brilliantly executed TV and a nod to the Olympics without ever saying or showing the Olympics—as only official sponsors are entitled to do—and you have a sneaky sneaker gaining Olympic-sized buzz on a Nauru-sized budget. (Psssst…The Republic of Nauru is a lovely island country in the South Pacific that took gold in “the smallest country to participate in the 2012 Summer Olympics.” Yay, Nauru!)

Need some more inspiration and Olympic-sized buzz?

What better way to turn a few heads than to turn “waiting for a bus” into an Olympic event?

Or what about getting the world’s attention by bringing home a gold for “world’s most disturbing elevator?”

Or how about driving a breadstick mobile across the country for a buzz-worthy cause?

Or how about getting your name out there by flexing your thought-leadership muscles and talking on NPR as our consumer insights guru, Kati Davis, did this past week

Whatever it takes to do more with less, right team?

Have a buzz-worthy weekend, everybody.

-Your friends at Brokaw