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January 4th, 2013

Get with the trends, girlfriend.

Welp. There goes the year of the photo filter (thanks, Instagram) and here comes the year of the… Bermuda short!?

And you were complaining about the end of the world…

While the year of 2012 was an ominous one, it was also a tremendous one for advertising. With the onset of brand new media placements and integrations, we entered a whole new era of marketing. Here are a few trends worth zooming-in on:

Ads incognito.
Also known as Native Advertising. It’s the idea that advertising should be indistinguishable to customers. Like sponsored stories, tweets, and that Today Show segment called “Blenders to the stars!”

Welcome to the real world.
More and more brands are asking their fan base to log off the webersphere—standing out from the crowd by going against the digital grain. Quit Facebook and we’ll give you a shoe. That’s what Diesel asked, anyway. But seriously, who wins one shoe?

I’ll have what she’s having.
Action-Based Advertising also gained momentum this year. Based on the idea that the consumer has to do something to initiate an ad. So if your Facebook friend “liked” Purina, you’ll know all about it. And likely, about everything else her wittle fwuffy wuffy enjoys. (Full disclosure: I might be guilty of this one.)

As for 2013, we’re looking at even more mobile marketing, a consistent online component for TV commercials, and even less privacy. So enjoy the last shred of mystery you’re keeping from the world and werq those flabby shorts, honey.