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April 1st, 2011

City Celebrates Agency’s Bronze Anniversary

By Craig Norris, Cleveland Tribune

Cleveland, OH, April 1st, 2011—In honor of Brokaw Inc.’s Bronze (19th) Anniversary, the City of Cleveland has announced that it will place a bronze statue of founder Bill Brokaw next to the city’s iconic Free Stamp all day today.

According to city officials, “The Free Stamp represents all the free thinkers who’ve worked at Brokaw over the past 19 years, dedicated to turning this city into a creative mecca.”

But other sources speculate the “free” may signify all the pro-bono work the firm has done for the city. Or possibly Bill’s lifelong dream of someday “freeing” the sheephead from destructive Lake Erie algae.

“I always knew I’d be a bust,” said founder Bill Brokaw laughing at his own joke. “I’m just happy we’re having our anniversary party at the Map Room, so I can find where my career went. Zing! Pow! I’m on fire!”