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December 11th, 2015

Is Instagram for your brand?

One Brokaw brother who shall remain nameless, forwarded an article by Fast Company’s Justin Rezvani entitled, “Why Every Brand Should Be On Instagram.” Rezvani provides a nice chunk of data to support his point, including: Last year mobile media consumption surpassed online with more than 100 million daily active users, 1.6 billion daily likes, and 20 billion shared photos. There Read More…

September 25th, 2015

Pizza Rat vs Your Latest Campaign

By Pizza King Two Years Running, Pat Pujolas So, who you got? Pizza Rat, a 14-second video of a subway rat carrying a slice of pie down a few steps (shot for free) or your latest multi-million dollar ad campaign? Which one fared better? Which one will be remembered for years to come? Before you answer, keep in mind that apparently Read More…

September 4th, 2015

You need a social expert. Not an intern.

By Public Relations and Social Strategist, Kelly Gentile What’s the quickest way to push a social strategist’s buttons? Try this phrase: “Oh so you get paid to just sit on Twitter and Instagram all day, and post a photo or a video and a nice status update, maybe answer a few questions and call it a day, right?” Or even Read More…

June 23rd, 2014

Wearing your Brand on your Sleeve

While many brands are still trying to master the basics of #hashtags, some of the more innovative are already looking toward the next frontier of advertising: brain implants. Psych—it’s wearable tech! You know, technology you wear on your body that synchs with various online systems. Tell ’em, Mashable. From Fitbit to Google Glass to those Captain Kirk beam-me-up watches already Read More…