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May 3rd, 2013

Born Again Cleveland.

If you took all the talks from this year’s TEDxCLE and dropped them into the Wonkamatic 3000, it would spit out this exciting, bite-sized anecdote:

Cleveland is once again poised for greatness.

Long gone are the days of being mocked by bigger-city bullies. (Only we can do that.) Because Cleveland is in the middle of a creative renaissance that’s driving artists and innovators around the country to our steel-belt city. And everyone loves a comeback kid, right?

As former NYC TV producer and Cleveland boomeranger, Joy Roller, put it: “Cleveland may have rust on it. But rust only forms on something strong.” We have the infrastructure to withstand an exquisite metamorphosis. And we’re already seeing the transformations. Like:

  • The west side’s revitalized Gordon Square Arts District
  • The east side’s Chateau Hough – Cleveland’s first vineyard and home to the world’s first biocellar
  • The St. Clair Superior District where you can hunt for urban treasures and handmade crafts at the Cleveland Flea
  • And Pho Row (which tragically doesn’t actually rhyme) but provides a block of artisanal Vietnamese cuisine options

“Clevelanders have a genuine interest in seeing a positive change and being part of it,” says TEDxCLE co-founder Hallie Bram Kogelschatz. There’s no shortage of brain gain in Cleveland right now, save for our new linebacker (wait – he’s a Harvard grad?!). But with brush fires of inspiration all over the city, we’re collaboratively igniting a more modern, more kick-butt Cleveland.

Yep, this metropolis is rapidly becoming one of the largest rebrand campaigns ever. And it’s still headquarters to the world’s greatest advertising agency. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, we’re proud to call it home.

So maybe we’ll see you around town tonight?