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August 23rd, 2013

Back to school time!

Take your seats, class. It’s time to learn the importance of the latest, greatest marketing buzzword… “content marketing.”

Content who?

Content marketing is the creation of digital content for the purpose of driving business. It can come in many forms—from email marketing (yay!), to blogs (double yay!), to social media, to online videos.

So, what’s the ROI on this content marketing stuff?

Great question, Sandy CMO. The simple answer: engagement. In fact, “engagement” is becoming the leading goal, while “increased sales” is dropping down on the list of priorities. 

Advertising Age’s Rebecca Lieb sums it up a little more eloquently, “Content marketing is a pull, rather than a push strategy. Content doesn’t interrupt, it attracts.”

So whether you’re building the next super groovy yearbook site, or creating a tiny town to illustrate the industrial Internet, or acting out the dreams of some of your biggest fans—developing innovative digital content should definitely be in your marketing one-two punch.