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August 25th, 2011

Back to school time!

“Fall is here, hear the yell, back to school, ring the bell . . .” okay, okay, enough with The White Stripes. It’s time to get serious. It’s time to learn how to connect to the class of 2015. For starters, you might want to think twice about that cable buy—not to mention, consider adding some original content to that Facebook page. (Oh no, not another caption contest.) After all, the class of 2015 is three times more likely to “like” a brand over a family member. (Sorry, Aunt Faith—we just couldn’t find the “love” button.)

Lesson 1: Be engaging.

How do you engage students around the world with a three-minute admissions video and a limited budget? Umm, be engaging? (Come on, folks, this isn’t Pre-Calc here.)

Lesson 2: Have fun.

It’s time for an oldie, but a goodie. It’s time to let your hair down. Or maybe put it up. Way, way up. Just ask Leah (class of ’62), Gregg (’76), and Tim (’82). Apparently, they think this groovy site is pretty swell.


Question: What would Meatloaf do for love?