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about us

Holding Status: Private
Founded: April Fool’s Day, 1992 (that should tell you something)
Headquarters: Cleveland, OH

Brokaw is an independent, strategic-creative-media-digital (streamigital?) agency famous for helping a handful of premier brands rise above the blah blah. We do this by talking to consumers as real people, not as robots or marketing committees.

brand research & strategy

We have a little saying around here: “People remember one-third of what they read, one-half of what they hear, but 100% of what they feel.” If we can glue our message in emotional, contextually-relevant “human truths,” we have a far greater chance of being remembered, and ultimately, selected. (Human what?!) A human truth is a unique consumer insight. It reminds people of their habits, beliefs, and desires. And when done correctly, it causes your target to think, “I’ve done that,” “I’ve felt that,” and ultimately, “I love this brand so much, I want to marry it.” To uncover these truths, let’s tap some of our research and strategic planning tools like ethnography, quantitative and qualitative studies, focus group moderation, organizational development, etc., and turn information into insights. Insights into action. And clients into marketing rock stars…who want to marry our “human truths.”

connections planning

Brokaw’s connections planning team is like a team of brilliant architects—only we don’t use protractors, or laser levels, or descriptive geometry (we hate math), or…okay, so we’re nothing like architects. But we do know how to build rock solid brand connections as consumers drift in and out of numerous media channels. As for the tools of our trade, our team is media opportunistic—we fish where the fish are. International, national, regional, and hyper-local expertise is infused in all channels: online display, search, mobile, broadcast, print, OOH, influencer, W.O.M., social, local, and experiential. Paid, unpaid, or earned—if it effectively connects with your consumers in a relevant, meaningful way—it’s in our planning tool box. All this, without ever lifting a protractor or using calculus. (Thank heavens.)

local marketing

Or as we like to call it “the original social media.” After all, local marketing is all about getting out there, quite literally, and shaking hands, making friends, and connecting to new customers in DVR-proof ways. Which explains why we’ve built a division of B.R.A.T.’s (Brokaw’s Retail Activation Team)—to design, execute, train, and manage innovative LSM and retail programs. Because we believe that every market is different and unique. That people in different markets do and like different things. That media that works in some markets doesn’t always work in others. We leverage these differences to connect with consumers in ways only they can get and appreciate. So, next time your brand could use a little boost—whether that’s for a grand or re-grand opening, an underperforming market, or just a 3-legged dog—we can quickly and cost-effectively deploy our secret little weapon to help move the needle. Bring out the B.R.A.T.’s!

favorite brother

Favorite Brother is our favorite sister company which happens to be a world famous motion graphic design and in-house film production studio. In layman’s terms, Favorite Brother makes stuff move (words, pictures, ideas). Whether that’s for a traditional commercial, online video, corporate video, showroom, trade show, or dynamic point-of-sale display—we have the designers and producers on-staff to move it, move it. After all, you don’t need a huge production budget to get the kind of world-class production values that can help even a local brand compete globally, or a global brand connect locally. To get today’s multitasking consumers to really stop and take notice, might take more than a static message. It may require a favorite brother.

digital & social media strategy

There are two things we know for sure about the future: one, it hasn’t happened yet. And two, there’s going to be a whole lot of digital going on. So let’s help your brand connect to your next generation of consumers wherever they are by harnessing the space-like power of all things interactive—from website design to social media to mobile marketing to email marketing to SEO, SEM, RSS, FBI, and LOL. In short: let’s give this digital future something to remember us by. Wait…what?!?

earned media

Whether you need help gaining traction with the media, weathering the next twitter-storm, or constructing the world’s largest taco, we’ll be there! [Insert superhero music.] Because don’t tell our other capabilities, but PR just might be the most important weapon in your current communications arsenal. Your brand needs authenticity, and your budget needs help from unpaid media. Or giant ethnic foods. Either way.

brand identity

It’s no coincidence that a band called The Who wrote a song called “Who are you?” Or maybe it is. We don’t know. But we do know this: your brand identity system—logo design, style guide, brand architecture, etc.—must be ruthlessly carved out of purpose. There should be a reason behind every aspect of your identity. The color. The font. The mark. Otherwise, your audience will be as confused about your brand as we are about classic rock.

interactive development

Sorry, kids—our i.d. specialists do not make fake i.d.’s. They do, however, make pretty much everything else—websites, mobile apps, interactive displays, 3D displays and out-of-home experiences, etc. Our Brokaw i.d. team is a conglomerate of programmers, scientists, inventors, artists, magicians, and nerds. HUGE NERDS. Whether it’s HTML, XHTML, .NET, XML, SQL, PHP, C++, CSS or some other crazy-sounding acronym that just hit the interweb tubes 20 minutes ago, we’re all over it. You might not “get it” or fully understand what we’re talking about (even though you may nod your head that you do just to be nice), but rest assured—at the end of the day, we’ll deliver a simple, elegant solution built to organize your content, increase user interaction, and drive conversions. May the source code be with you.